How To Complain

Information for parents, carers, visitors and members of the public

We strive to ensure that in your dealings with us, you will find our staff and services meet with both your expectations and your approval. If ever these standards fall below that which you find acceptable, or if there is anything else that you are unhappy about, we would ask that you tell us as
soon as possible.

If you wish to complain about anything that you are unhappy about, you should:

  • 1
    Report your complaint to the Headteacher, Rebekah Dennett either in writing or by telephone. They may also be made by a third party acting on behalf on a complainant, as long as they have appropriate consent to do so.
  • 2
    Complaints against school staff (except the Headteacher) should be made in the firstinstance, to Rebekah Dennett (the Headteacher) via telephone or email (please mark them as Private and Confidential).
  • 3
    Complaints that involve or are about the Headteacher should be addressed to Declan Tuer
    (Regional Lead), via email (please mark them as Private and Confidential).
    [email protected]
  • 4
    For ease of use, a template complaint form is included at the end of the Complaints policy and also available below. If you require help in completing the form, please contact the school office via telephone. You can also ask third party organisations like the Citizens Advice to help you.
  • 5
    The school will make every effort to resolve the concern in an informal and timely manner, and will always give the person raising the concern the opportunity to express how they would resolve the situation, or the outcomes they would require for resolution to be achieved.
  • 6

    Should such resolution not be achieved, or someone request to make a formal complaint, then the formal complaints process will be initiated and adhered to, to conclusion.

Please note the following:

  • Anonymous Complaints – We will not normally investigate anonymous complaints. However, the Headteacher or Regional Lead, if appropriate, will determine whether the complaint warrants an investigation.
  • Time Scales – You must raise the complaint within three months of the incident or, where a series of associated incidents have occurred, within three months of the last of these incidents. We will consider complaints made outside of this time frame if exceptional circumstances apply.
  • Complaints received outside of term time – We will consider complaints made outside of term time to have been received on the first school day after the holiday period.

Please see the Complaint Policy below for more information and the different stages of the Complaints Procedure.

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